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First off I want to say please let me know if you are not going to be using a folder. I currently have several folders I made for people, which are empty, and have been for some time now. If you do not contact me by the end of this year I will delete your folder. Again this only goes to people with empty folders.

Next update is sorry I have not been very active. It is hard to keep this group running with just  two Co-Founders, and no Founder for the group. If you are interested in becoming a Co-Founder please let me know. Also this means current Co-Founders which are not active I will demote...if possible. Not being Founder really limits my access to things, and well the Founder of this group is no where to be found.

I also plan to do a Contest...possibly in December, so look out for that.

Oh and as for the Daily Challenge I am changing it to Weekly challenge in case you didn't know. I will probably change the name to that. The weekly challenge is something I write up for our group or anyone who wants to submit to it, however, I have noticed that the current submissions to this folder are in fact not my fact I am not sure what they are. It seems to be only one person. If this is you please do not submit to this folder unless it is the weekly challenge I have assigned. I will be moving all deviations that are not the weekly challenge to another folder.

Alright last but not least your Weekly Challenge:

Write a 8 word poem (it does not have to rhyme)

Good luck!
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November 25, 2012


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