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You may submit here if you would like feedback on your work.
Please give time for people to come across your work.
I will try my best to critique everyone's work but it will take some time.

For those interested in critiquing please see the Critique folder. Only constructive criticism allowed!
No rude comments or poor feedback. Give the person something that they can use to improve their work.

I hope everyone is excited about this folder!
Winner for Prose Contest:

Love awaits  Our lips did not touch the day I read him my written daydreams, even though he leaned so close to me I breathed him in. I was saving it… For that perfect day.
  We did not dance that night nor did we kiss, even though our bodies shivered in anticipation and our hearts burned like blazing fire under our chests. He was saving it… For that perfect day.
  It finally came, he finally asked… the question concealed in plain sight in our every conversation. It was worth so much more than wording an answer.
  Eyes only. We kissed.     
by :icondaydream---believer:

Winners for Poetry Contest:

1st place: A Telescope for PolarisThe strands of my percussion strings
turn dull in the sight of
your subconscious bearings.
You are like the hail
who threatened to come;
an itch
I can’t quite place.
And I write letters
to the archers
and the mermaids-
hoping they’d bring me a swallow
to hunt the raven-like insect
whispering nevermore
in the recesses of my hair.
[So far they haven’t replied yet.]
Thus I’ve found
I could distract myself with pastimes
I’ve come to name as habits--
like drinking the tepid water
of other people’s drudgery,
while I ponder on what sorts of poems
you wrote
when she called herself yours.
It must have been quite nice,
while the coffee was newly brewed.
And I see how clouds
could pass for stars some nights;
why cicadas sing
and nightingales don’t.
I see your eyes
and how they see things differently,
how I want them to know
a little part of what they don’t.
And in staring in them
as if I could knit my universe
straw by straw, I’ve reali
 by :icondsteffi:

2nd Place: The Tale of Tamas Lin

He met her in the winter
When the wind whipped through the trees,
Beneath the snowfall and the starlight,
Un'ner the shadow of the leaves.
A fair and regal maiden
With hair as black as night,
Pale skin of glowing moonbeams,
And eyes of sapphires bright.
She found him there in winter
Amid the rocks and snow.
His booted leg was twisted;
The brigands struck the blow.
She held him then and kissed him
And nursed his wounds so dire,
And stole him to the fairy court
Beyond the Ross’ shire.
Three days he dined in excess,
Three days he drunk the wine,
Three days he danced with beauties
In courtly green attire.
Yet long were the mornings,
Longer still the nights,
For by the Yuletide’s dawning
Ten years had made their flight.
Aggrieved was dear Seonaidh,
His breast grew ill and tight,
For those that dine with fairy folk
Can ne’er leave their sight.
Twelve years, he passed, then twenty
As servant, then as swain,
But best he served the company
And knighthood did attain.
But lo
by :icondarkness-melody:

Sadly, these were the only entries for the Valentine contest.

However, I will be rewarding them for their entries and I will be upping the :points:

P.S. I am going to make a Critique folder! I figured it would be a good idea. :)
Short Story ShenanigansCalling All Writers Across Deviant Art
:iconwriters-extrodinaire: are hosting a Short Story Competition running across March and April.
So far the prizes are as follows:
First Place:
- Three Month Premium Membership from :iconparchmentgirl:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- A Year Long Feature on :iconwriters-extrodinaire: front page
- Feature from :iconwriters-central:
- Three character sketches from the winning entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
Second Place:
- One Month Premium Membership from :iconparchmentgirl:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- Two character sketches from the submitted entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
Third Place:
- Critique from :iconwriters-extrodinaire:
- Two character sketches from the submitted entry by Miss Antonia Brennan
- 100 points from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
- Llama from :iconWorldWar-Tori:
- You have March and April to write your short storie

50 Word Flash For March & February WinnersWatch this space Fifty worders!
we've got some exciting new developments coming up which you are going to love and will hopefully get more people to try it out.
The March prompt is: 'in the dark'
The deadline is 30th March and results on the April 1st.
Good luck
See you in April!
February winners:
(Again some really nice entries)
February’s prompt was ’We lost’
1st Place
:iconnot-an-emo-girl942: not-an-emo-girl942
We lost the stars,
Their brilliant faces fading
Into the sea of yellow
Stitched onto our chests.
We lost the sun,
Her warm embrace
Frozen to the arms
Of concrete walls.
We lost the sky,
Found it filled
With Jewish ashes.
We lost the world
And they stole everything else
2nd Place
:iconaramiro: Aramiro
"Love is War"
We lost an arm
We lost

Take a look!!!
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Group Info

We are a group that collects writings. Also writers would are able to get constructive criticism and advice from other writters. It is a ideal place to get inspiration for your own writings. Finally, it is a way to show off your work among people who will actual read it.
Founded 4 Years ago
Dec 25, 2009


Group Focus
Art Collection

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:bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: WELCOME TO WRITER’S CENTRAL! :bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletyellow: :bulletorange: :bulletred:

Submission Rules

1. If you have a folder, please use it.
2. Please use mature content warnings if needed.
3. If you would like a folder, note the group. (For novels only! Chapters must exceed five)
4. Submit deviations to appropriate folders.
5. Contest entries should be submitted to the folder labeled contest.

Note: For non chaptered stories aka short stories there are folders for those: Fantasy Short, Fan Fiction, Romance Short, Horror, Sci Fi, etc. We also have a poetry folder as well.

Other Rules:

Please remove the deviation from the group if planning to put into storage. It just takes up room!

:la: :la: :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: HAVE FUN! :bulletred: :bulletorange: :bulletyellow: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue: :la: :la:

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